Етс 2 программа для создания модов

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Описание: Программа для создания скинов, в помощь пользователю. Но игроки посчитали, что внутриигровая карта недостаточно полная и детальная, поэтому они решили создать свои карты для Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Theme by, support by, distribution by and. If you don't mind ignoring a couple of advertisements, please use the Uploaded. That way we get a bit of money for each download, and it keeps our Dropbox alive, since it can't handle the amount of download traffic we're getting. Thank you very much for going for Uploaded. More people use it than other links.

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Despite that, you were busy little bees, and still managed to overload Dropbox. Who knew our little app was so popular?!

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That's why there's a Google Drive link here instead of the Dropbox one. It should be ad-free like dropbox was. If there's any trouble with our downloads, please let me know!

Программа для Создания Модов в Ets 2

If you experience any problems during the download and/or installation process, please leave a comment in the box below, or visit. Game Variables Editor dont work on ETS 2 ver. Save and export economy. Scs and crash my game before loading profil. Truck and Trailers editor working fine but game variables dont work! Old and new profile dont work game variable change in this version ets2 studio v0. Please fix this bag for 1. Can you please send your mod file to marin@ets2studio.

I'll take a look, fix it, and mail it back. And, I'll see what the problem is, so I can fix it in the application itself. Thank you for reporting this! You may want to consider exactly what you are downloading. Which link are you downloading from?

Is it a fake advertisement "Download" button? FYI to those downloading a virus, I had to disable my antivirus software until this program was installed.

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Said it was a Trojan, in a sense it is because it allows you to inject your custom skins. Hi, I am here because I wanted to generate more cargo stuff for trucks in the game and someone told me about your tool. How about making some nice tutorials about what exactly your tools does? This way people who is looking for something specific will be encouraged to use it and your mod would be more popular. You're right - we need tutorials. Hopefully, we'll find someone who could write them. I would volunteer as a tutorial-writer (English and German) and I would also volunteer as a programmer. Radio-ffk - at the moment we don't need new tutorials, since we're developing a new version of e2s, but I am interested in your programming skills.

What languages are you familiar with? Hello, I am Brazilian and I believe that few here in my country know their software, which is fantastic, very good. Our language, EN, change the (. By (,) and an error occurs on the requisition of the trailer in ETS2, and another bug is duplicate the folder name of the trailer, eg. Chassis / where it should be just.

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Chassis, I managed to understand and solve the problem here. Think of available videos of how to use and improve the bug commas. Sorry for not speaking their language, because we are a Latin country.

Its know that I'm quite happy in using your software. The comma bug is (hopefully) fixed. We'll release a hotfix later on today (or tomorrow at the latest). Tem como passar um mod da versão 1. E corrigir ele pra versao 1. Não sei bem o que este software faz. It is to pass a version of the mod 1:18 and fix it to version 1. I've been trying to download your products, but was unable, coz the links are not working. Today (or tomorrow at the latest) we'll release a new version wit bug fixes.

It will be hosted on more different hosts and we'll eliminate the adfly links. So, hopefully you'll have more luck with downloading. Thanks for reporting the issue! Hello, I downloaded the program. I'm not able to use the option to lock the scs file. You could add more bases for creating standalone trailers. For now, that's all.

Программа для Создания Модов в Ets 2

Juste une question ets studio utilise quel net frameworke? Car quand je veux le lancer il me mes un message d erreur: unable to find a versionof the runtime to run this aplication. J ai le net framework 4 mis a jour. Hi, I left a similar comment elsewhere, probably where nobody would expect it. I am using Vista 64bit with Service 2 and can't get it to finis. Instead I get an Access Error. Apparently ETS2 Studio can't gain access rights to /user/apps/Temp folder.

Euro Truck Simulator

Tried to change permission without success. So far I could not finish any project or even save the project file. I'm using the latest version on Windows 8. It didn't allowed me at first to open the trailer base of the tandem trailer. A couple of hours later it let me open it, but then I couldn't export the mod. It gives me the default C# script error pop-up. When adding a new truck out this error. Com/2014/04/truck-template-editor-bug-databasewtt. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting!

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Problem is, truck skins are not working. Mounting extra package: C:/Users/phil/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/MacClellen. First, make sure that the skins are not showing at the dealer and in the workshop. If you haven't set the 'Set skin as stock' option, your paintjob won't be visible at the dealer. It will only be visible at the workshop. Please check the help file for more hints about this.

Программа для создания модов для euro truck simulator 2

If nothing else works, feel free to send me the mod file, and I'll take a look. I think it's because i was using capital letters in the skin name and nowhere else. Thanks for the help though. So i get the mod exported but it doesnt show up ingame, the log is error free and i have followed the tutorial. There seems to be a bug in the ETS2 Studio Software. The Cabin is not properly selected.

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Open the SCS archive and double click at def and so on until you get to the *. Suitable_for: “xl_cab” there is some info missing here.

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And it should work fine with the XL cab only. It will not show in the XXL or XLX cab configuration. Of course you'll have to change the cabin style to your Vehicle. If it is a Scania, obviously you can't use a MAN cabin. I made a little tutorial that points out this bug, if it is one. Also, I have a table with all standard cabin's at the end of the tutorial. Surprised to replay that quickly.

Программа для создания модов Mod Maker 20Euro Truck Simulator 2

I am on a different machine right now, so I didn't trace the fix all the way. If this will fix it with the templates, then I will do that. It would be easier than editing the def file. Sometime the internet is just too vast to find the needle. C:\Program Files (x86)\ETS2 Studio\Libraries\Telerik. Would it be possible to reload mod. It restarted all over again. I know about the wts file version. But I forget about save that. Everytime when i make a trailer skin mod by using your Ets2 studio,the trailer mod will crash the simulation/game when i go to the game and open the place where i can see all the trailers.